Vacancy Announcement - Superintendent of Schools

The Position

The Board of Education of Catlin Community Unit School District No. 5, Catlin, Illinois, is seeking applications for the position of Superintendent. The position will be vacant on July 1, 2009.


Letters of applications, resumes and credentials should be mailed to the following address:

     Catlin Community Unit School Dist. #5

      ATTN: Guy Banicki

      701½ W. Vermilion Street

      Catlin, IL 61817

Applications will be received until 4:00 p.m. on November 14, 2008. To be considered for this position, all applicants must submit:


      1.    Formal letter of application indicating desire to be a candidate for the position.

      2.   Set of up-to-date confidential credentials from the applicant’s university. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make this request to the university.

      3.   Up-to-date resume showing employment history and personal background information.

      4.   Legal proof (copy of administrative certificate with Superintendent’s endorsement) showing qualifications to be a superintendent in the State of Illinois.


Public school teaching and administrative background.

Superintendent experience desired.

Contract and Compensation

The actual salary, fringe benefits, contractual terms and conditions will be discussed with the final candidates. The Board will consider a multi-year contract.

Compensation package will be regionally competitive based on experience and educational background.

Personal Qualities

Excellent health, energetic and emotionally stable.

Person who has high standards of ethics and personal conduct - leads by example.

Residency in the district is preferred.

Qualifications Desired

Candidates will be evaluated on their professional merits with emphasis on the following qualifications desired by the Board of Education:

    Understanding of the need to work cooperatively with the Board of Education.

    Experience in and knowledge of sound fiscal management practices and the collective bargaining process.

    Be a communicator-possess the ability to communicate ideas to the Board of Education, the staff and the community.

    Understanding of and appreciation for importance of technology in the schools with the goal of preparing students for the 21st century.

    Ability to provide educational leadership in development of both short and long range district goals.

    Strong academics background with successful experience in curriculum development, including a detailed knowledge of special education, vocational education and all other state and federal programs.

    Ability to delegate meaningful responsibilities and develop an understandable accountability system.

    Ability to interpret and execute the intent of the school policy and support those policies with the staff/community.

District General Information


Type           Pre K-12 Unit    Certified Staff                          46

Buildings         2                 Support Staff                           30

Area            39.06 square .miles 

Enrollment        580 - Pre K-8 = 387

                                    9-12 = 157

Superintendent’s Office

1 Bookkeeper

1 Unit Secretary/Technology Specialist


2 Building Principals


Special Education

District belongs to the Vermilion Association for Special Education


Vocational Education

The District belongs to the area vocational center - Vermilion Vocational Educational Delivery System (VVEDS)


Custodial Staff                    Cafeteria Staff

4 full time custodians     2 full time & 3 part time



The District operates 6 buses; 3 regular routes, 1 special education route and 1 vocational route.

                          Instructional Program

The educational program of Catlin Community Unit School District No. 5 is housed on a centralized campus with Pre K-8 having its own attendance center constructed in 1952. Grade 9-12 are across campus in the original building (1919), with a separate gymnasium housing Agriculture, Music and P.E. classes. The Administration office is centrally located between the elementary and secondary areas. The District operates one cafeteria located in the high school building. The high school interscholastic program is a cooperatively functioning program with Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12.

In addition to the regular program, other services are provided which enhance opportunities for students:

   A full complement of special education programs and services by both the District and V.A.S.E.

   Vocal Music K-12 and instrumental music 5-12.

   Library services in both buildings staffed by a librarian and library aide.

   Computer technology available in both attendance centers.

   Music, P.E. and Art specialists.

   Counseling services at the high school, with psychological and social work services available through V.A.S.E.

   A variety of vocational programs available at the Danville Area Community College.


Board of Education


Board Members                                            Occupation

Jeff Fauver, President                                        Banker

Thomas M. O’Shaughnessy, Vice-President       Attorney 

Terry Prosser, Secretary                                   Business

Doug Klemme                                                  Plumber

Shane Meade                                                   Business

Tricia Keith                                                       Truancy Officer

Brent Bowman                                                  ID Supervisor

Financial Data

Assessed Valuation (07/08) -             $40,332,736

Bonds Outstanding                                    500,000

Tax Rates:

Educational       3.01        Social Security         .155

Building              .75        Fire Prev. & Safety    .05

Working Cash     .05        Tort                         .4700

Transportation     .20         Spec. Ed.                .04

Muni.Ret.           .1800      Total                  4.9100

Area Information

Catlin is a village of 2,200, located in east central Illinois. The rural area surrounding the village is a high production agricultural area. Danville, a city of 34,000, is approximately six miles to the northeast. Danville would be considered the industrial center of east central Illinois. Champaign-Urbana is 35 miles to the west, with I-74 giving the area access to this urban center in 40 minutes.

Danville Area Community College and Parkland Community College in Champaign along with the University of Illinois, offer a wide variety of enriching opportunities. Eastern Illinois University at Charleston is approximately 60 miles to the southwest.

With the area having had strip mining carried on just west of Danville, there are areas suited to a diversity of recreational opportunities, including Kickapoo State Park.

A Church of Christ and Methodist church are located in Catlin; however, all denominations are easily found in Danville and surrounding communities.

The community is suburban/rural in nature, with the feeling of “small town” living.